Memon® technology is based on the scientific discovery that electromagnetic fields and toxins, which can be disruptive or harmful to humans, have an impact on water. In order to suppress and balance out the tangible effects of these invisible influences, the Hotel Innsbruck has decided to use the Memonizer throughout out hotel.

How does the 4-systems Memonizer work?

  • Neutralisation of electro-smog – inside and outside
  • Neutralisation of the earth’s radiation (geopathic interference)
  • Promotion of ion flow – creates cleaner air and reduces fine dust particles by up to 75%

Impact on rooms

The water Memonizer changes the energy structure of water in a positive way – and less limescale develops. This ensures that fresh and re-naturalised Memon natural water is always available throughout the hotel.

Impact in the well-being area

The pool Memonizer reduces the smell of chlorine and the irritation to the skin and eyes. The pleasant, soft water creates an enjoyable bathing experience.

Advantages of the Memon system 

  • Recuperation in the clean air (up to 75% less fine dust)
  • Reduction of fine dust creates a soothing environment for allergy sufferers
  • The hotel is radiation-free. This improves sleep and ensures faster and more lasting recuperation and relaxation
  • Improved sleep leads to greater zest for life and a more pleasant stay overall
  • Avoidance of e-smog cell stress: guests suffering from stress and burn-out symptoms will benefit in particular
  • Re-naturalised drinking and pool water
  • Natural and soothing detoxification of the entire body
  • No unpleasant chlorine smell
  • No itching or burning of the eyes and skin

Advantages for seminar guests 

  • Optimal room environment throughout hotel (up to 75% less fine dust)
  • Natural health benefits
  • Improved performance, increase in energy and vitality
  • Improved concentration for more effective working
  • No e-smog stress
  • Harmonious working environment
  • Well-being in the working environment

Experience a special living environment at the Hotel Innsbruck to transform the best days of the year into a source of energy in your everyday life.